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Selective Outrage

War is hell.  All we have to do is look around the world to see its toll.  That being said, I don't understand the lack of outrage coming from this President and his administration other than that aimed at our one ally - Israel which is doing no more than trying to protect it's people from rocket fire and constant raids from Hamas.

The fact that Palestinian civilians are getting killed is a tragic yet unavoidable aspect of this war.  Why won't we look beyond the propaganda photos staged by Hamas to the truth of the fight?

It's a pattern, to be sure, but I've never before seen such negativity toward our only ally in the region.  There was no outrage over the downing of a civilian air liner in Ukraine other than scolding ...

6 ways this #wingnut bumper sticker is about the craziest you've ever seen

I'm not exactly sure what the message is here. Maybe there are multiple messages packed inside the one bumper sticker.

I do see that it's from American Life League, which definitely, definitely gets a "no follow" on that link, so, on paper, it's theoretically a pro-life bumper sticker.

First, in that case, the message seems 117 percent hysterical. Is ALL, which doesn't get stains out of laundry, nor teh stupidz out of wingnut thinking, trying to make us believe that a woman from Planned Parenthood is carrying around a butcher knife to do streetside butcher-shop abortions?

Second, is ALL now allied with some Minuteman/Militia group, warning us about "anchor babies"? And, speaking of that, do militia groups themselves support streetside ...

We Need Some Good GOP Campaign Songs

A few days ago one of my loyal readers posted a Liz Warren campaign song video (even though she’s not running for anything right now). The video was posted to my comments section with a snide comment and reminder of the Obama songs we contended with in 2008. I wondered why we never see any […]



Gallup Releases Its Latest Survey On U.S. Alcohol Use

(This image is from alternativereel.com.)

The use of alcohol is as old as civilization itself, and the United Staes is no exception. The drink of choice has changed over time, but alcohol has existed in this country in some form since before its birth.

Each year the Gallup Poll does a survey on alcohol use in the United States -- both on the prevalence of alcohol use and the favorite drink through which that alcohol is imbibed. This year's Gallup Poll was conducted between July 7th and 10th of a random national sample of 1,013 adults, with a 4 point margin of error. The results of the survey for this year -- and for the 15 years in this century are illustrated by the two charts below.

One thing I found a bit surprising is that alcohol use by ...

Two-State Solution ?

Political Cartoon is by Mike Luckovich in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Perdue Wins GOP Primary - Trails Nunn In Early Poll

(This cartoon image is by Mike Luckovich in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.)

David Perdue and Jack Kingston have been trying for months to show the GOP base that they are the authentic teabagger in the race, and the other was just a poser -- and it looks like they were both successful to a certain extent, because the primary run-off was extremely close. But after all the votes were counted, Perdue squeaked out a win and is now the GOP's official candidate for the vacant Senate seat. Here are the final results:

David Perdue...............245,493 (50.9%)
Jack Kingston...............236,985 (49.1%)

Now the real campaign can begin, and amazingly, Perdue finds himself behind the Democratic candidate, Michelle Nunn (daughter of former Georgia ...

Putin (And Pet)

Political Cartoon is by Steve Sack in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Polish Rider Wins Difficult Stage 17

Italian rider Vincenzo Nibali once again proved he is the favorite to win the Tour de France this year. This time he did it by finishing third in stage 17, ahead of all his closest competitors. Fellow Italian Giovanni Visconti finished the stage in second -- and the stage winner was Polish rider Rafal Majka, claiming his second stage victory.

There are only four more stages -- another mountain stage, a flat stage for the sprinters, a 54 kilometer time trial, and then the ride into Paris. If anyone is going to challenge Nibali, they need to gain a lot of time on him in stage 18 (which finishes with two extremely difficult unrated climbs). Here are the current standings:

YELLOW JERSEY (Overall Race Leader)
1. Vincenzo Nibali (Italy) Astana Pro ...

Governor Oops

Political Cartoon is by Dave Granlund at davegranlund.com.